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Reds Community Fund Summer Wiffle® Classic

Sponsored By: Ashlee Fence Enterprises Inc.

Saturday, July 27, 2013 | 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. | Blue Ash Sports Center - Blue Ash, OH

Reds Community Fund Summer Wiffle® Classic Rules

  • Teams will consist of at least three and no more than five players per team. All male, all female, coed and/or youth teams are eligible.
    • One division - open to all ages
  • All players will bat but only 3 will field.
  • No makeshift teams. All teams must stay intact throughout the length of the tournament or you will be eliminated. You can only be registered to one team.
  • Teams will be drawn blindly out of a hat and placed into a draw. The tournament will be a round robin format in the first round (3+ games guaranteed...depending on how many teams are entered) and single elimination in all-subsequent rounds. Blind draw will take place prior to the tournament and will be conducted by tournament director and others to assure fairness.
  • All teams make it to the single elimination tournament portion in the afternoon.
  • Entry fee is $125 per team. All money goes towards Charity (minus the few expenses we have; materials, equipment, etc.) and all players receive a T-shirt and Reds tickets for participating. (There is also a $5 fee from MLB when registering online)
  • Tournament is a round robin followed by a single elimination tournament.
  • Seeding for the single elimination will be made by the following: W-L record in round robin; run differential; team homeruns; coin flip.
  • The games will consist of 4 innings unless exceeding the allotted time limit (30 minutes). The championship game will not be limited by time. A mercy rule of 10 runs will also be in effect after 3 innings. (Any inning starting before the 30 minute time limit must be finished).
  • TIE GAMES/EXTRA INNINGS - in the round robin a game can end in a tie. In the single elimination portion we will play 1 extra inning and if we still can't determine a winner we will go to a HR Derby (each team picks one player to hit). If after round one of HR derby there is a tie, continue the process, picking a new player until a winner is determined. The first person picked cannot hit again until all other teammates have tried and failed). There will be 3 outs per turn and anything other than a HR is an out.
  • Any team that is on the winning end of a forfeit in the round robin portion of the tournament will get a +5 run differential automatically as a result of that game.
  • A tournament-sponsored volunteer will umpire all games. If you have a problem with a particular umpire, please communicate that to the tournament director.
  • Umpire gets the final say in all calls. Any excessive arguing with an umpire can lead to tournament ejection.
  • The "target" or strike zone is made of PVC pipe and will be placed 3' behind home plate. Strike Zone dimensions: 20"x28"
  • Any ball that is blocked from entering the strike zone will be considered a strike automatically. This includes catching the ball or moving into it, etc. (umpire discretion)
  • There will be a strict speed limit in effect (we call this "pitch to hit "Â…slow-medium speed pitching), but you can put any kind of curve, dip, knuckling effect, or whatever you can put on it.
  • There will be a height rule for pitches as well (roughly 10 feet.)
  • Pitcher can be pulled after making one out and can reenter at any time during the game. This applies as long as the next pitcher has made at least one out.
  • 5 balls = Walk : 2 strikes = Out
  • Everyone must use the Wiffle® balls and bats provided**. NO TAPE ALLOWED!
  • Bats will be checked throughout the day to make sure nobody is using an illegal bat. If you find an illegal bat being used, please tell tournament director. No cheating will be tolerated any team found with an illegal bat will be immediately disqualified.
  • There will be a line placed in front of the plate which the ball must pass or it will be ruled a foul.
  • There is base running.
  • Over the fence = YAHTZEE! (you don't have to run out the homerun, but it looks pretty cool)
  • For teams with 3 players, if all three end up on base at one time the lead runner becomes a "ghost runner" and must be forced in to score a run. The "ghost" runner can be called out on pitcher's poison.
  • No gloves ... all players are barehanded.
  • Pitchers hand will result in a force out of lead runner - yes...from 3rd to home too - (or the next runner that would be out if the lead runner was ruled safe).
  • No pegging runners to get an out.
  • Catching the ball and falling over the fence = HR.
Homerun Derby
  • Any ball that fails to go over the fence in fair territory is an OUT.
  • 10 outs per try.
  • $5 entry fee (no limit to how many times you can try).
  • Bring your own pitcherÂ…they can throw from any distance at any speed.
  • It is mandatory that the participant must use the bat/ball provided by tournament.
  • Player to hit the most homeruns on the day wins the HOMERUN CHAMPIONSHIP trophy.
  • Some rules may be revised before or during the tournament to contribute to the effectiveness or impact the longevity of the games.
  • Also please note that we cannot stop inclement weather from moving into the area. We WILL play if it rains, but will have to stop if lightning becomes an issue or if the rain becomes too heavy to continue.