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Ground Rules

Minute Maid Park

  • Camera Wells: Ball hits camera - DEAD BALL.
  • If hits rail and/or padding - IN PLAY.
  • Ledge of signs behind home plate - IN PLAY.
  • Ball lodges under or behind tarp - DEAD BALL.
  • Ball lodges on top of outfield padding - TWO BASES.
  • Ball goes through or lodges in out-of-town scoreboard - TWO BASES.
  • Ball hits fence above yellow line, or top of railing in left center field - HOME RUN.
  • Hits screen in left center - IN PLAY.
  • Hits wall and bounces into bullpen - HOME RUN.
  • Ball hits flagpole and leaves field - HOME RUN.
  • Ball remains on field - IN PLAY. Ball hits flag pole, bounces on ground and then over fence - TWO BASES.
  • Ball strikes roof in fair territory - IN PLAY striking point on ground. Ball strikes roof in foul territory - DEAD BALL.
  • Ball hits centerfield bullpen tall fence, carries over small fence into stands - HOME RUN.