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Astros Internships

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Alumni - Where are they Now?

Astros Internship Program
Andrew Remson - Street Team Intern - Summer 2008

The Houston Astros Internship Program has served as the foundation of my professional career. I worked as a street team intern in the Summer of 2008 and the values instilled upon me, as well as the standards expected of a Major League employee have carried into my work well after my time as an intern. The program taught me not only how to respect my role within the organization, but how to respect others inside and out of the Astros community. The lessons learned shaped the way I approach working in groups, managing others and being a leader. Since my time in Houston, I have had the opportunity to bring my experience into the workforce. I have completed my Masters and have built an internship program at the Louisiana High School Athletic Association that embodies the same characteristics expected of interns at the Houston Astros. I have recently accepted a position with the New Orleans Saints of the NFL, and what I learned in Houston laid the ground work for what is expected of me at my new job. My time in Houston was the greatest of my life, but also taught me some of life's greatest lessons.

Rob McNamara - Guest Services Intern - Spring 2010

I interned in the Guest Services Department during the Spring of 2010. During college I had a variety of on- and off-campus internships, but my experience with the Astros was exceptional. Not only was I able to gain hands-on experience in the fast-paced sports environment, but the Astros also went above and beyond to prepare us to enter the workforce upon graduation. Through a variety of round table meetings I was able to learn about each department individually, as well as garner priceless advice from members of the staff who had been in my shoes before. As a lifelong sports fan, it truly was a dream come true to come to work in one of the best parks in baseball and really contribute to the organization. My favorite aspect of the program was the shear amount of responsibility each intern has in the day-to-day tasks of their department. Interns truly are vital to the Houston Astros and that relationship creates an unbelievable opportunity for growth and development.

After my internship in Houston ended I headed to New York to intern with Disney & ESPN Media Networks in their Affiliate Sales department. Though the work was vastly different, the principles that I learned through the Astros Internship Program allowed me to excel and take full advantage of the opportunity I was given. In May of 2011 I started a full-time job with ESPN as Syndication Sales Coordinator for Disney & ESPN Media Networks and have begun what (I hope) will be a long and successful career. I never could have imagined how things would have turned out, but know for sure that without the internship program in Houston I would not be where I am today.

Katy Walden Preisler

I was an intern during the fall semester of 2005 in the Ballpark Entertainment Department. I was able to experience the 2005 World Series and also assisted during Spring Training on videoing features for the upcoming year. This internship truly changed the direction of my career because I was able to meet and learn about all of the departments through my experience. After Hurricane Katrina, I went with the Community Development Department to video the players cheering up students who had relocated to Houston. I worked with everyone from Engineering to Sponsorship, and truly saw how every person and every department is a working part to keep the Astros train charging ahead. Although directly after my internship there was not a position available for me to pursue, I had expressed to the Astros Human Resources Department how much I loved the team environment and strong work ethic of our front office and to notify me of a position that may come available. In 2007 I joined back on with the team as an Event Coordinator in the Special Events Department. Little did I know that the large batting practices and events that I was amazed by during my internship would be something I now do as a career!

Austin Malone

When I began as an intern for the Houston Astros Engineering department in the summer of 2006, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. During the three months I spent interning with the organization, my eyes were opened to a completely foreign side of sports to me called Building Operations. In general terms, I learned the nuts and bolts of what it takes to operationally maintain a professional ballpark which hosts 81 baseball games and 3 million fans a year. Exposure to such a grand facility was priceless. The experience equipped me with the hands-on knowledge I would need to know in order to work for any sports facility. I now work as the Assistant Director of Building Operations for the best baseball stadium in the world, Minute Maid Park!

Morgan Gower

I was an intern in the Spring 2008 internship class for the Special Events/Conference Center department. After my internship and graduation from East Carolina University, I was offered a seasonal position with the Astros in their Guest Services Department. This consisted of preparing the ballpark for game days, lending a hand with the event staff and accommodating fans as best as possible. This was a great experience that turned into a full time position with the Astros. Currently, I am the Coordinator for Guest Services and have been with the Astros for over one year now. Had it not been for my internship with the Astros, I would not have gotten this far so early in my career, nor would I have learned everything that I have about the Sports and Entertainment industry. The Astros Internship Program was a top notch operation and I would highly recommend it to any college student who is serious about working in the Sports and Entertainment Industry.

Drew Branyon - Broadcast Intern Fall of 2007

Graduated school in May 2008 and immediately became the Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations for the Burlington Royals Baseball Club (Rookie-KC) for the 2008 season. Traveled with team and did play-by-play for all 68 Royals games. Continued from there as the Program Director for ESPN 1160 in Martinsville, Va, where I hosted a daily sports talk show, and controlled programming for the station. Took a job in May 2009 as the Station Manager for ESPNinVa in Danville, Virginia. Currently handle programming for 4 ESPN stations in Virginia, as well as play-by-play for High School Football Coverage and the Danville Braves. The internship program in Houston is the best that I have encountered. To be able to work with the best in the business and get their advice on a daily basis was extremely helpful in not only doing my job now, but finding a job after the program was over. If nothing else, it gave me something on my resume that immediately caught the eye of a prospective employer.

Dairanetta Spain

I interned in the Foundation Development Department in the Summer of 2008. Shortly after, my internship I was offered a Community Relations position. Since then, I have continued to grow in the organization and develop relationships with charitable organizations throughout Houston. It's very rewarding to be able to work for a team that positively impacts thousands within the Greater Houston community! I found that I was very fortunate to be selected into one of the top internship programs in all of Major League sports by far. Throughout my internship, I gained hands-on experience and interacted with every department in some aspect. This interaction heightened my experience because I was able to see how each department contributed to the make-up of the club.

Michael Bouscher - Baseball Operations, Fall 2007

I am in my second season with Major League Baseball's Arizona Fall League, and my first as Director of Baseball Operations. My internship with the Astros afforded me the opportunity to see how a Major League front office operates, and allowed me to observe and execute a variety of projects; the lessons learned from these I am able to apply to my current position. The greatest benefit derived from the internship was the chance to work with a very talented group of people, from whom I was able to learn a great deal and make connections which will serve me well throughout my career in professional baseball.