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Royals sign most promising European prospect ever


The Kansas City Royals have signed Italian shortstop Marten Gasparini. Read More »

Brett pays it forward as interim hitting coach


Late last month, George Brett returned to the Kansas City dugout as the team's interim hitting coach, prompting him to recall the early days of his own career when hitting coach Charley Lau made invaluable contributions. Read More »

Royals reflect on longest game in club history


The Royals and Cardinals completed the May 30 game at Busch Stadium at 3:15 a.m. -- a full eight hours after it started. One would think it was the longest games in Royals history, but it wasn't even close. Read More »

George Brett celebrates 60th birthday


George Brett is many things. He is a Royals Hall of Famer, an inductee in the National Baseball Hall of Fame, one of the greatest hitters in the history of Major League Baseball and a very young 60-year-old. Read More »

Jenkins spitballs about exploits against Kansas City


Hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins can always expect some good-natured ribbing when his travels take him to Kansas City. Read More »

Fingers recalls '70s Royals as fiesty young ballclub


In the mid-1970s, Rollie Fingers could feel the Kansas City Royals coming on. Read More »

Diminutive stature never held back Patek


It has been 31 years since Fred Patek last played in the Major Leagues, but he continues to be a source of inspiration to the undersized ballplayer. Read More »

Jackson got first taste of Majors in Kansas City


When people talk about the best Draft pick ever by a Kansas City club in the Major Leagues, George Brett's name quickly comes to mind. But there's another guy who went from Kansas City draftee to Hall of Famer as well. It's the guy they used to call "Mr. October." Read More »

McRae one of the all-time dominant designated hitters


Hal McRae didn't initially jump up and down with glee when his role with the Kansas City Royals was transformed to a full-time designated hitter assignment. Read More »

White's blast off Scott a career highlight


When Kansas City recently hosted the 83rd All-Star Game, it was the perfect forum for former Major Leaguers spanning the generations to flock into town and revisit their own All-Star memories. Read More »

Monarchs' O'Neil helped Brock ascend to stardom


Whenever Hall of Famer Lou Brock makes the 250-mile drive from his St. Louis home to Kansas City, the special memories of his relationship with the late Buck O'Neil come rushing back. Read More »

Golf, travel and grandchildren highlight Otis' retirement


Amos Otis turned 65 in April, but he still has the spirit that Royals fans remember when he roamed center field with style and grace. Read More »

Winfield urges fans to visit Negro Leagues Museum


Dave Winfield has a message for anyone who hasn't yet visited the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City. Read More »

Wathan is Royals blue through and through


When you think about a definitive "company man," you think about John Wathan's long relationship with the Kansas City Royals. Read More »

Leonard's legacy is source of pride in Kansas City


Dennis Leonard had been signing autographs for two solid hours at All-Star Fanfest. Read More »

Eisenreich pushed past barrier of Tourette's


Eisenreich feels great joy when he is able to help a youngster through the Jim Eisenreich Foundation for Children with Tourette's Syndrome. Read More »

Toma elected to Royals Hall of Fame


George Toma is the first inductee elected through the Royals Hall of Fame Veterans Committee, which is part of a redesigned voting process established in 2011. Read More »

Kansas City was the last stop for Gehrig


He was known as the "Iron Horse" by virtue of his 2,130 consecutive game streak that spanned the course of 15 seasons. Read More »

First-Year Player Draft: Arming for success


The MLB First-Year Player Draft is sometimes more art than science, and even when it appears to have scientific properties, those properties are often confounded by the end results. Read More »

Jackie Robinson: Kansas City Royal?


Jackie Robinson Day is the annual salute to the man who broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball on April 15, 1947. Read More »

Ballparks serve as iconic landmarks for fans


Last week Boston celebrated the 100th anniversary of one of baseball's family heirlooms -- Fenway Park. Read More »

Royals Opening Day: Home sweet home


The excitement of Opening Day is the culmination of a long winter waiting for baseball to return. Read More »

Sweet Lou: A true Royals original


Aggressive, loud and sweet are all words to describe Louis Victor Piniella. Read More »

First pitch: Royals launch Hall of Fame website


Buck O'Neil had a unique ability to distill wisdom into just a few words. Yes indeed, Opening Day is always a good day for all of us who love the game of baseball. And for Royals fans the 2012 season is one of great hope, real promise and special significance. Read More »

Royals Hall of Fame begins new era


Welcome to the online home of the Royals Hall of Fame. This project is a team effort between the Royals and MLB Advanced Media -- the folks that bring together all of the elements that make up the, and now world. Read More »