WASHINGTON -- Manager Brad Mills encouraged his club to worry more about Stephen Strasburg's pitches than the hype that accompanies the star pitcher.

On Sunday, the Astros became the second team to face Strasburg since his return from Tommy John surgery a week ago.

"We know he's a power pitcher, so you try to approach him that way," Mills said. "We've looked at him on film and we'll go from there."

Though the team will try to avoid getting caught up in the moment, several players mentioned that they enjoy being challenged by tough pitchers like Strasburg.

"You want to be aggressive, because he's going to throw strikes, but at the same time you need to be patient enough to wait for a good pitch," Jordan Schafer said. "When you face guys like that, it's fun. It's a challenge."

Mills would not reveal much of his strategy, though he mentioned that his team has a better chance if Strasburg continues to throw good pitches early in the count.

"With those types of pitchers, you don't want to get too deep in the count," Mills said. "At the same time, you're hoping that he's trying to get ahead in the count. If he's trying to get ahead in the count to lower his pitch count, that will be a better approach for this type of ballclub."

Strasburg threw five scoreless innings in his first start against the Dodgers.

Cedeno arrives to provide bullpen support

WASHINGTON -- Left-handed reliever Xavier Cedeno joined the Astros on Sunday morning. The rookie will wear No. 63.

Though Cedeno safely made it to Nationals Park for his first big league game, his luggage and equipment were lost or re-routed somewhere between Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. Cedeno went home to visit family for a few days after Triple-A Oklahoma City ended its season.

"We're going to get him some shoes and a glove and go from there," manager Brad Mills joked before Sunday's finale against the Nationals. "He's available. He has to wear clothes, though. He has to be dressed when he takes the field."

The troubles didn't seem to faze Cedeno as he prepared for his potential Major League debut.

"It's so exciting, hopefully it goes well for me so I can help the club win some games," he said. "I'm really excited. It was my dream since I was four [years old]."

Cedeno, 25, went 7-9 with a 4.38 ERA in 35 combined games between Oklahoma City and Double-A Corpus Christi this season.

He started 22 games, but Mills will look to use him as one of the only left-handers in an otherwise crowded bullpen. Cedeno replaced reliever Sergio Escalona, who landed on the 60-day disabled list after suffering a left ankle sprain on Friday.