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05/03/2010 6:52 PM ET
Allied Pacific Sports Network enters into multi-year partnership with Major League Baseball Advanced Media
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HONG KONG and BEIJING, China, April 13, 2010 - Allied Pacific Sports Network ("APSN"), an Internet and wireless provider of on-demand sports throughout Asia and the operator of a number of officially-licensed sports-focused websites, today announced the establishment of a multi-year license agreement with MLB Advanced Media, L.P. ("MLBAM"), the interactive media and Internet division of Major League Baseball ("MLB"). Under the terms of the agreement, APSN will become the exclusive provider of select MLB-focused content in China, including Hong Kong and Macau, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam ("the Territory") for the Internet, interactive media and wireless devices.

"We are both excited and honored to be MLBAM's interactive media partner throughout such a large portion of Asia," said Albert Theodore Powers, Chairman of APSN. "We look forward to increasing the existing popularity of baseball in established markets such as Korea, and to creating millions of new baseball fans in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia." APSN Chief Executive Officer Peter Schloss stated "We are delighted to be working with MLBAM to deliver content that will expand access to the game through the Asian market."

"Leveraging interactive media to reach baseball's increasingly growing fan base throughout these Asian territories with timely and relevant baseball content is a core goal of this partnership with APSN and an additional initiative in the overall internationalization of the game ," said Alex Pigeon, Vice President, International, MLBAM. Under the terms of the agreement, APSN will exclusively host and manage officially-licensed MLB-focused Websites across a number of interactive platforms. APSN plans to offer live video streaming of MLB games, on-demand archives of full-length games, on-demand video highlights and highlight packages, subscriptions services, news and information, continuously-updated team and player statistics, scores, standings, and game schedules, in the local languages of the countries covered by the agreement. The APSN-managed websites also will offer advertising and sponsorship opportunities and the sale of officially licensed MLB merchandise.

About Allied Pacific Sports Network
Allied Pacific Sports Network ("APSN") provides on-demand sports content throughout Asia via the Internet, officially-licensed sports-focused websites, interactive media, mobile telephones, and other wireless devices. APSN has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Seoul. APSN is a subsidiary of the Allied Pacific Group, a diversified, integrated group of companies engaged in the financial services, investment management, real property development and investment, energy, and media sectors.

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