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10/08/05 11:52 PM ET

Biggio, Berkman postgame interview

Players discuss offensive performance, win over Braves

Can you guys just talk about the job Roy did for you tonight.

CRAIG BIGGIO: I think Roy, once again, went out and gave us an opportunity to win. He had some tough situations early on where they got some guys on, but Roy does what Roy does and he goes out there and gets out. You know, you talk about 20 game winners, last two years. He won 19 year before that.

So he's one of the best in the league.

You saw him fall down there in the third inning.

LANCE BERKMAN: I thought somebody shot him. Looked like somebody might have shot him. So I know probably unlikely, they increased security for these things, but...

Talk about that a little bit.

BIGGIO: Well, the velocity, he hit up a little bit after that, too. I think he laughed at himself, also. It's happened to him before. You know, that's the last place you want it to happen, but what are you going to do. You laugh at yourself and move on. You know, as long as he didn't hurt himself, that was the biggest thing.

Talk about the three doubles tonight. Obviously, you were aggressive at the plate. Talk about getting stuff started. People were picking it up behind you.

BIGGIO: I just think we had some really good quality at-bats tonight. For me personally, we didn't know the guy. Just go out there, you want to be aggressive but you want to be selective. I think really everybody did a nice job of that tonight.

You were in the four hole, moved to the three, moved to the top of the order. Does your approach change at all?

BERKMAN: For me, no, it's pretty much the same. The job of the leadoff man is to work the pitcher in front of you a little bit, give him rest at times. But for a leadoff guy or second guy, your job is to get on base. If I don't do it, Willy (Taveras) has to. It's rough out there when you're expecting to get two outs and get big rallies going. That's pretty much, you know, the same for me.

Does it matter where you're batting in the lineup?

BERKMAN: It doesn't matter to me really. Three or four, I'm -- you can't really change your game to, you know, just 'cause you think four hole is prototypical. You got to hit home runs, drive in runs. Three hole, you try to get on base more. At least I can't go back and forth. I just try to hit the way I hit. Whether I'm three, four, five in the lineup, it doesn't really matter.

In the sixth inning, or top of the seventh, when they pinch hit for (Jorge) Sosa, looked like he settled in after the (Mike) Lamb homer. When you saw him get pinch hit for, were you thinking maybe this could be a time to spark it up and then in the seventh inning you all did.

BERKMAN: I was happy about it because he had punched me out twice and hit me in the toe. I didn't really like him very much, like to see him out there. When he left, I was pretty pleased with that.

Take a liking to Hudson in the first game. He's coming back tomorrow. Talk about the success you had in Game 1. Can that carry over?

BERKMAN: I don't think so. A guy like Tim, he might be a lot better on short rest because he relies a lot on movement and location. I think, you know, just from reading quotes and hearing what he had to say about it, I guess he was a little bit overamped for that start. Certainly when you're pitching, maybe a little bit tired, you know, it could he could be great tomorrow. So we're not taking anything for granted. We don't think, "Oh, we got this guy with short rest, we beat him once," doesn't work that way. We got to go out there and play the game.

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