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10/14/05 12:46 AM ET

Phil Garner postgame interview

Manager talks about Oswalt's effort, team's resilience

The decision in the seventh to leave Oswalt in when you had Gallo up to pitch to Edmonds, take us through what you were thinking.

PHIL GARNER: Well, I didn't have Gallo up to pitch to Edmonds, that's the first thing. I wasn't bringing him in to pitch to Edmonds. I thought Roy was throwing the ball real well and if he got into any more trouble I had Gallo for later. I thought Roy was plenty good enough to get out of the seventh inning so I stayed with him.

How about your comments on Chris Burke?

GARNER: Well, he did another nice job tonight. Know, he came through with a couple of big hits for us, a big triple that put us on the board and broke the ice a little bit and then drove in a big run for us late in the ballgame. He did another nice job. It's great to see him do that.

Are you thinking about starting Chris on Saturday or is he more valuable to you off the bench?

GARNER: Oh, I'm just trying to get through tonight. We'll think about that a little bit later. Right now I don't know what I'll do on Saturday.

Roy says he enjoys being overshadowed by the other aces; I don't know how he can stay "overshadowed."

GARNER: What you saw tonight is not unusual for Roy to have that kind of game, and of course this is the big stage, and it's about as big as they get and you know how much trouble we've had winning ball games in this ballpark. Boy, he stepped up large for us tonight and just took control of the ballgame, just absolutely dominated the game. And we were fortunate to have Brad Lidge that was ready to go for a couple innings, too. Roy could probably have pitched another inning but Brad was okay to go.

Roy did a super job for us.

Berkman to start the eighth with a double, did you think about running for him at all at that point?


Just straight with him there?

GARNER: Yes, we have the lead, a little bigger ballpark here, a little different circumstances. If you're trying to compare what we had against Atlanta at our ballpark in Houston, different circumstances.

The decision to go with Lidge for two innings, is that predicated on the fact that he had not worked in three days, or is it something that you're going to continue to do in the series?

GARNER: I will do it when I have an opportunity. When he's well rested and he's feeling good and the circumstances present themselves, I'll do that.

He was in good shape and felt good tonight and threw the ball good. I felt comfortable with him going two innings tonight.

What makes Roy so tough in those clutch situations like the seventh inning and a couple of innings before, he left a few runners on?

GARNER: Well, as everybody can see, he's got an electric fastball, he's got a good slider. He has a very good curveball and his location tonight was excellent. You know, he threw some pitches that didn't go our way that were certainly close enough in my opinion, but I thought he threw a brilliant ballgame tonight, great location. The Cardinals, they are a great hitting ballclub as evidenced by their season and the number of games they have won. There's a lot of offense on that ballclub and he just shut them down tonight.

You're the eternal optimist, you'd be optimistic if you're 0-2, but how big is this going back to Houston 1-1?

GARNER: Well, I guess somebody brought up today, if you don't win today's game, it's probably over. Wasn't that the stats, that if you're the team that loses, or loses the first two, loses in the last seven or eight years or something like that?

As I said before, our club is unusual. You don't know, you don't know things that might knock other teams down haven't seemed to do that to us. We played games like yesterday and then come back and play great games tonight.

When Roy got out of the double with two men on and Edmonds up both times, he showed a little bit of emotion, not a lot, is that typical?

GARNER: No, that's not typical of Roy. I didn't notice the first time. The second time I saw a little fist pump and that's about the most you'll ever get out of Roy.

Brad Lidge just dominates the Cardinals, are there other teams he does that to or explain why he's been so successful against the Cardinals for a number of years now; I don't know how many earned runs they have got off him in the past couple of years, I don't think any.

GARNER: Well, he pitches well. And yes, he's dominated a few people in the last couple of years. He's been a very good closer.

Tonight is typical of what he can do. You'll see him when he throws, usually the only time he gets into trouble is when he doesn't throw strikes. When he throws strikes, he's not going to get beat around too much and that's what he's been doing for the last half of the season last year and what he's done all season this year.

How important was it for Roy after Pujols' homer to get those next three guys and get out of that?

GARNER: I think that was a key moment. He had a lot of momentum going. He had a good tempo, good pace of the ballgame. He makes a mistake to Pujols and he just hammers it. I thought at that moment, that could be a point in the ballgame where it may go either way. But I like the way Roy's attitude was, he just came right back at him, threw strikes and just went right through the order. That was key. I thought his mental, his mental discipline right there was excellent, and I think that's why he was able to keep them shut down in the ballgame.

I imagine one of those pitches you were talking about was that close one on Edmonds before he struck him out?

GARNER: Yeah, they were getting some close pitches in there. I'm saying it looked, I can't tell where the pitches are, but where Brad catches the ball, they are pretty close.

So what I'm saying about, the question was, why is Roy so good? The reason is, he's that good throwing the ball that hard with that good location. He can be on the plate, just off the plate.

Also, a lot of pitchers would lose their composure on a pitch that's that close, too.


And he came back with basically the same pitch.

GARNER: What he's saying, for those that can't hear that, yeah, it might rattle some pitchers at some key points in the ballgame and it didn't rattle Roy.

I thought tonight he was as composed as I've ever seen him. He was locked in and threw the ball extremely well.

How important was it when Molina got the passed ball, he could have thrown the runner out and had trouble getting the ball out of his glove and you had the stolen base; was that as big of a play as there was in this game to take that lead?

GARNER: It could have been. It's how we scored our first run. It might have stalled us in the first inning. If we don't put that run on, you don't know how the game ends up turning around.

But we had a guy in motion and the ball glanced off his glove, and so we scored the run.

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