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10/23/05 1:08 AM ET

Phil Garner postgame interview

Manager comments on White Sox pitching

What was the status with Roger? How would you rate your relievers?

PHIL GARNER: Roger's left hamstring is slightly strained. He's the proverbial day to day. We'll have to see how he is as we go along.

Wandy Rodriguez did a pretty good job, but we didn't pitch ahead in the ballgame. We gave them way too many opportunities, and way too many walks and we pitched behind in the game. Our relievers gave up a couple of runs, it's not bad against this ballclub, but I don't like the way we got behind a lot of guys and we issued way too many walks.

Talk about how you guys really struggled trying to manufacture runs once Berkman got the run to tie it, you couldn't do anything?

GARNER: You've got to give Crede credit. What hurt was the last -- we struck out five of the last six outs. We didn't put the ball in play, and we had a guy on third base. And that's what hurt us. Crede is going to make the plays or the defense is going to make good plays. But we just didn't put the ball in play when we should have tonight.

In the eighth inning, was there any thought at all to send Taveras on the ball that Burton hit on the base? Do you think he should have tried to score?

GARNER: He wouldn't have had a chance to score.

Phil, did you buy into the theory at all that the rusty White Sox bullpen could present a problem for them or did you not look at it at all that way?

GARNER: I didn't consider it at all that way. I thought we had a chance to -- we had chances. They strike out Morgan and Lamb who is a good hitter, and that ended up being the ballgame.

What did you guys know about Jenks and what you knew, was that a lot different than what you actually saw?

GARNER: We know he throws hard. And he threw strikes tonight.

I don't know if you were asked this, in the eighth inning, did you consider pinch hitting a righty for Lamb, maybe use Burke in that situation?

GARNER: Sure, I did.

What was the reason why you didn't?

GARNER: I think Lamb is a very good hitter. I've let Lamb hit in that situation many times.

Can you give some thoughts on how you thought Jeff looked during the course of multiple course at-bats.

GARNER: Well, that appeared to be a good challenge for all of us. Nobody hit Jenks. So that's it wasn't on Jeff's shoulders. I thought he swung the bat pretty well. He's been hitting the ball -- got it just a little bit down from the level of the sweet shot, but drove the ball deep to leftfield. I thought he hit some pretty good bats.

White Sox pitchers as good as advertised after Game 1?

GARNER: Well, certainly you've got to give them credit for throwing the ball over the plate. I thought we did a pretty good job of hitting the ball well against Contreras. We hit some balls a foot one way or the other, might be a different ballgame, but it wasn't. They made the plays. Part of this game is throwing the ball over the plate and making your opposition put the ball in play and they did that better than we did.

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