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10/24/05 1:07 AM ET

Phil Garner postgame interview

Astros manager says team will bounce back

Do you think that the experience that Brad had last week in the game against St. Louis played any role in what happened tonight?

PHIL GARNER: No, I don't think so. We had to pitch up to Podsednik and I started last year, every time we get a pitch up over the plate he's hit it hard somewhere. And we've had a tough time pitching him consistently. And that's what happened tonight. Didn't have anything to do with last week.

The difference between being tied 1-1 and being down 0-2 as you go home?

GARNER: Well, we're certainly not in a good spot. We had a chance to win this ballgame tonight. As badly as we played, we had a chance to win this ballgame. And that would have been a feel good experience. We have to go home and regroup and see what we can do now. This is not the best situation, but it's the one we're in and we'll do -- we'll bounce back. We'll make a series out of this.

What did you argue with the umpire on the ball that they ruled hit Dye?

GARNER: I thought the ball hit the bat. And I don't know what would have happened after that, but clearly I thought the ball hit the bat.

Any news on Clemens?

GARNER: He's pretty sore. We're still in a day to day mode with him, but he's pretty sore today.

Going back to the National League, without the designated hitter, what kind of moves are you looking forward to being able to make, deploying the talent you have on the bench. Are you more comfortable with that League and those rules?

GARNER: I like the non-DH better, I think it's better baseball. And of course each night every player on the bench gets a chance to be a part of the ballgame. And so I think that's just a lot more fun, a lot more fun way to play.

We'll make the moves we always make. We'll pinch hit, we'll double switch, we'll defensively make moves.

On the Dye play, did the home plate ump ask for help from either of the corners?

GARNER: No, he said it was his call.

Did you ask him to ask for help?

GARNER: Brad (Ausmus) asked him to get help and I asked him to check the ball if it had a black mark, and the ball was already gone. We didn't get any.

Did you think your hitters had some good swings against Buehrle early?

GARNER: Yeah, again, we had -- you know, clearly everything they're doing right now is right. They can't do anything wrong. And so a lot of things are going their way, even if they check swing and break a bat, they move a runner along. The next guy hits a ball that would be a double play, instead he gets to third base, just little things like that that are going their way right now.

I kind of thought we turned it around when we went ahead in the ballgame. So it hasn't been that way. We hit some balls good against Buehrle, but just like last night, the art of pitching is throwing the ball over the plate and making them hit it at somebody, and that's what they're doing right now to us.

Are you comforted a little bit because of how your team responded after the Pujols game?

GARNER: No, I wanted to win. I'm confident. I thought you said "comforted." No, I'm confident we can come back. I'm not comfortable at all. I'm upset, I'd like to win a ballgame.

You mentioned your team didn't play too well. You had a tough one in the second inning?

GARNER: We had three balls that should have been caught. And instead of outs we had two runs on the board. You don't know if we make those plays, which we're very capable of making the plays, it might take them out of the ballgame at that point. But we didn't and they made them count. And the good news is we bounced back in the game. We came back from that.

Will you say anything to your two relief pitchers who gave up a couple of big runs there?

GARNER: I'll say something to them by putting them right back into the same situation come Tuesday.

Conditions were the same for both teams, but any sense of the cold and rain tonight impacting how the game was played from defense? Did it factor at all, you think?

GARNER: I don't know if it was. I haven't talked to him about it, but clearly he didn't throw the ball like he normally does or locate like he normally does. But I didn't have a feel that the conditions were a factor tonight, necessarily. It might have been with when it started raining a little bit with a couple of players, water dripping off your hat, it has to have a little bit of an effect on you. But I thought aside from that, both teams did a pretty good job of handling the conditions tonight.

It looked like the lineup, especially with Lane in the outfield that you sacrificed a little defense to offense, are you looking at re-evaluating that going back home?

GARNER: With Lane in the outfield

Second baseman and he made -- Burke, I'm sorry?

GARNER: No, he's been about the best leftfielder in the National League well. And he's been hitting the ball well, too.

If I can rephrase a question from a couple of moments ago. Specifically with Brad Lidge, when you address his back to back outings, what will you say to him to get him back on his game?

GARNER: I'll say the next time we have the same situation, it's Tuesday night, he'll be in the ballgame. He's my closer. He's our go to guy. He's going to be fine. He'll do just fine.

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