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10/26/05 2:32 AM ET

Phil Garner postgame interview

Manager disappointed in team's offensive performance

I know the loss is frustrating enough. After Jason's lead off home run in the fourth, 14 base runners, 11 innings, only one gets home, how do you account for that?

PHIL GARNER: That's some pretty poor hitting, absolute rotten hitting. We had our chances. It's amazing -- I don't know how you win a ballgame when you can't hit the ball. We didn't even hit the ball good except for Jason. We managed to stay in the ballgame, but we might have played 40 innings and it didn't look we were going to get a runner across the bag, very frustrating.

Are there any emotions left? What are you feelings right now?

GARNER: I'm really ticked off. I have lots of emotions. I'm really ticked off.

Roy like he threw 40 pitches in that inning what did you see with Roy?

GARNER: Well, I thought they had some pretty good at-bats. I thought Dye's at-bat was a pretty good at-bat. Dye's at-bat was critical. He pitched in a really good sequence, and Dye flipped the ball out in center field. They had some -- they just got some hits, that's what they've been doing in this series.

Typically in this series, what has happened, the story so far, is they're hammering on our mistakes, and fouling off our good pitches. On the flip side, we're fouling off the good pitches and we're putting the mistakes -- we're putting the good pitches in play, the pitcher's pitches in play. We're exactly opposite, and that's been the story. That's why we're having so much trouble.

How do you guys come back tomorrow night after a loss like this?

GARNER: Well, it's no different than any other loss that we've had. It's a tough loss, but you figure out a way to come out and try to win a ballgame. I'd like to put on a better show. It's embarrassing to play like this in front of our hometown. It was just not a good game for us tonight.

The performance of the team offensively, is that what you're ticked off about? The way you play the next game, how does using everybody affect the way of managing the rest of the series?

GARNER: It doesn't affect anything else. You do everything you can to win tomorrow's ballgame.

I'm ticked off because we're not hitting well. We're just not getting the job done.

Geoff Blum has played so little lately. Did you have full reports on a guy who has played so little lately?


You mentioned you're very emotional. Can you tell us what you told your team after the game?

GARNER: I didn't tell them anything.

You haven't talked to them yet?


Is there any one play, moment, pitch, anything you want back from this game, one thing that would have changed it? It's so long I can't remember, I just wonder if you do?

GARNER: Well, no, we had a chance to win the ballgame, and we couldn't push it across. We had some momentum going our way. We had every chance in the world to win the ballgame and failed to put the ball in play. We didn't hit the ball hard. Jason Lane is the only one that hit the ball hard. We had a hard time. And I don't know how it happens that way, we had our chance and couldn't do it. We need to figure out how to get it in tomorrow. When we get it in, we have a whole lot of good coming our way.

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