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02/15/09 2:40 PM EST

Geary under rigorous workout routine

Reliever participating in program designed to attain body alignment

KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- Geoff Geary went in for a somewhat routine procedure to fix a right hip abductor last October, but by the time he was wheeled out of the operating room, the list of repairs had grown significantly beyond what was originally scheduled.

During the surgery, doctors discovered a tear to his abdomen and a groin muscle that had frayed. To speed up the recovery process and ensure he would be fully ready for Spring Training activities, Geary enlisted in a rigorous exercise program designed specifically to alleviate pain and prevent injuries.

Geary joined "Libafit," a therapy program aimed toward attaining optimal body alignment and coordination over the entire body. The program founded by California-based exercise therapist Liba Placek, evaluates clients on an individual basis and works to "readjust" them, by strengthening and stretching certain areas of the body.

Geary and his wife, Marcia, worked out with Placek in a group that included baseball players David Newhan, Trevor Hoffman, Dave Roberts, Mike Sweeney and Steve Finley. The program helped Geary rehab from his surgery without the risk of irritating the healing area, while running the gamut of exercise methods -- pilates, yoga, stretching, abdominal work, agility and sprint work.

Fortunately for Geary, there were no concerns about pushing himself too soon after the surgery; in fact, according to the right-hander, the doctor told him to do everything he can right away.

"The day after the surgery, he said, 'Go walk a mile,'" Geary said. "I said, 'Are you kidding me? I can barely walk two feet.' He said, 'I don't care how much it hurts. Take one of these pills and just walk. You need to immediately start using it.'"

Geary and Chris Sampson, who had elbow surgery last year are, so far, the only two pitchers taking it somewhat easy in the early days of Spring Training. Geary brushed aside any thoughts of delaying his spring schedule, however, and as far as he's concerned, he's ready to partake in a full day's worth of activities.

"I'm fully participating in everything," he said. "My groin just gets sore, especially when you put on spikes and are doing erratic movements. But during the offseason, I did pretty much anything and everything."

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