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9/27/2013 1:11 P.M. ET

Astros upgrade sound system with GilmanSound

HOUSTON, TX - The Houston Astros have upgraded their audio system with the installation of GilmanSound to transform the quality of the fan experience at Minute Maid Park. The revolutionary new system, which will provide "concert quality" sound, will put the Astros' audio capabilities on par with any in professional sports.

The GilmanSound system upgrade reshapes sound waves and distributes them evenly throughout the stadium. The programming allows the speaker arrays to work together instead of battling each other for space. The system also streamlines concert production by allowing bands to use the ballpark's audio system in a "plug and play" fashion, eliminating the need to transport large quantities of their own equipment to the venue.

"We wanted to give our fans the highest quality audio experience," said Astros VP and General Manager of Building Operations Marcel Braithwaite. "We researched the best way to address the issue and GilmanSound provided the superior solution. Using our existing infrastructure and their advanced technology, there is now a noticeable difference in the sound at Minute Maid Park. The improvement has been described as 'listening to AM radio your whole life and then all of a sudden being introduced to FM.' The partnership between the Astros and GilmanSound has resulted in some of the best audio in baseball."

"Installing GilmanSound in the Astros home at Minute Maid Park opened the opportunity to push the envelope of sound excellence and flexibility further," said Paul Gilman, founder and creator of Gilman Sound. "Marcel Braithwaite allowed us to transform the dynamics of a PA system design into an expansive sonic environment ready for multiple events and media exhibitions. We also called in our friends at Klipsch to fulfill a part of our design for even greater dynamics. We utilized the in-house system with the brilliant architecture of a retractable roof to add to the fan experience in a way never before achieved."

"All I can say is WOW!" raved Roy Delgado, Klipsch's Commercial Product Engineer. "First listening to the sound that Paul had processed was amazing! I, like other people, have grown accustomed to 'stadium sound.' When he inserted his process, the sound just 'self-corrected' is the best way to explain. Then we added the sub, I knew we had given Paul what he was looking for as I saw his smile. Got to say, the combination of the Paul's processing and the subs just tugging at your gut makes Minute Maid Park sound so much more like a small space then stadium sound. Crisp mids, spacious, coherent and now a 'growl.' It is a totally different sound experience!"

The audio upgrade was installed earlier this month, and the new and improved sound system will make its debut this weekend as the Astros take on the Yankees September 27-29 at Minute Maid Park.

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