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Once-in-a-lifetime chance to enter the world of Major League Baseball and play alongside many of your childhood heroes.

You'll take the field in your very own New York Mets uniform, personalized with your name and number. You'll be coached in the fundamentals of hitting, fielding, throwing, pitching and baserunning. You'll participate in drills like the big leaguers and take your place in the line-up alongside your Fantasy Camp teammates. You'll enjoy the company of former Mets stars for days filled with baseball and nights filled with fun and camaraderie.

We hope to see you in Port St. Lucie, FL for the Mets Fantasy Camp, presented by Hospital for Special Surgery!!!


For more information about camp and to be put on a waiting list click below or call 718-559-3035


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  4. FAQs
  5. Citi Field Reunion
  6. Testimonials


January 24-30, 2016

Base Package Price: $4,695

  • Round-trip airfare (from NY or NJ) with Florida Airport transfers
  • 7 days / 6 nights hotel accommodations
  • Group transportation to and from the hotel each day
  • Two personalized, authentic Mets uniforms and many other accessories to keep
  • Daily Continental breakfast and buffet lunch
  • Opening Night Welcome Dinner, Mid-week BBQ, and Awards Dinner with the Pros
  • Your own clubhouse locker and playing equipment (bring your glove and cleats)
  • Personal clubhouse staff and trainers
  • Daily big-league games
  • Personalized Baseball Cards
  • Fantasy Camp Video
  • Kangaroo Court and Bull Session with the Pros
  • Special Reunion at Citi Field during a Mets regular season game
  • Championship game under the lights at Tradition Field


January 11-17, 2015

Sunday (1/11)

11:00AM-2:00PM: Participant and Coach Arrivals
12:00-5:00PM: Hotel check-in at Hilton Garden Inn
1:00-4:00PM: Voluntary workout for participants at Mets Spring Training Complex
7:00PM: Official Welcome Dinner

Monday (1/12)

7:00-8:30AM: Breakfast at Mets Minor League Complex
8:45AM: Morning meeting outside clubhouse under tent
9:00AM: Player evaluation and drills (4 rotating stations followed by batting practice)
12:00PM: Lunch and coaches draft (draft is held behind closed doors)
1:30PM: Team Practice on fields
2:30PM: Game #1 on fields
EVENING EVENT: Campers and coaches go out for team dinners

Tuesday (1/13)

7:00-8:30AM: Breakfast at Mets Minor League Complex
8:45AM: Morning meeting outside clubhouse under tent
9:00AM: Group, Individual and Team Photos
10:15AM: Game # 2 on fields
12:30PM: Break for lunch
2:30PM: Game # 3 on fields
6:00-7:30PM: Bull Session/ BBQ with Raffle

Wednesday (1/14)

7:00-8:30AM: Breakfast at Mets Minor League Complex
8:45AM: Morning meeting outside clubhouse under tent
9:30AM: Game # 4 on fields
12:30PM: Break for Lunch
2:00PM: Game # 5 on fields
6:30-8:00PM: Kangaroo Court

Thursday (1/15)

7:00-8:30AM: Breakfast at Mets Minor League Complex
8:45AM: Morning meeting outside clubhouse under tent
9:30AM: Game # 6 (including semi-finals) on fields
12:30PM: Break for Lunch
2:00PM: Game # 7 for teams 3-8
6:00PM: Championship game under the lights on Tradition Field

Friday (1/16)

7:00-9:00AM: Breakfast at Mets Minor League Complex
10AM-4:00PM: Participants vs. Coaches on Tradition Field
Lunch served during games
7PM: Awards Banquet

Saturday (1/17)

7:30-9:00 AM: Buses depart for airport (Buses will leave approximately 2 ½ hours prior to departure)

  • LGA flight departs PBI at 11:40AM
  • EWR flight departs PBI at 10:05AM

**This itinerary was for the 2015 Mets Fantasy Camp and is not to be mistaken for the 2016 camp itinerary**


  • Kevin Baez
  • Ricky Bones
  • Daryl Boston
  • Buzz Capra
  • Guy Conti
  • Duffy Dyer
  • Ryan Ellis
  • Bobby Floyd
  • Doug Flynn
  • Dwight Gooden
  • Lenny Harris
  • Eric Hillman
  • Al Jackson
  • Lance Johnson
  • Barry Lyons
  • Rodney McCray
  • Felix Millan
  • Joe Pignatano
  • Todd Pratt
  • Phil Regan
  • Mackey Sasser
  • John Stearns
  • Ron Swoboda
  • Tim Teufel
  • Bobby Wine
  • Anthony Young

* This is a list of pros who attended the camp in 2015. We cannot guarantee that any or all of these current and former Mets will be in attendance. Unforeseen changes in schedules or other circumstances may also keep some of these pros from returning in 2016.*


Q: What is the New York Mets Fantasy Camp?
A: The New York Mets Fantasy Camp is a seven-day, six-night baseball opportunity of a lifetime. Hosted at the New York Mets Spring Training Facility in Port St. Lucie, FL., participants are instructed on the basic fundamentals of baseball by the Pros - former Mets players and coaches. Participants are drafted onto teams managed and coached by Mets greats, then compete against one another until a winner is crowned in our championship night game. To finish off this unforgettable experience, each team will take the field against the Pros on the final day of camp.

Q: Who is eligible to attend?
A: Any adult 30 years of age or older. Both males and females are invited to participate.

Q: Can I bring my family?
A: Although only those registered can participate in the baseball activities, we invite family members to attend. Husbands, wives, parents, and children are all welcome to show their support from the stands and cheer you on. Special lodging and travel arrangements can be made to accommodate everyone who wishes to enjoy this experience with you.

Q: Can I sign up alone?
A: Yes. Mets Fantasy Camp is a great way for individuals to build new friendships through the camaraderie of baseball. While some of our first-time participants sign up with friends or relatives, most sign up individually.

Q: What is the level of competition?
A: At the Mets Fantasy Camp, there are many levels of talent. Some of our participants have attended Mets Fantasy Camp for years, while others have not played baseball since high school or college. Some participants have never played baseball at all. Either way, if you are healthy and in shape, want to have a great time and learn more about baseball, this is the place for you!

Q: How much playing time will I get?
A: Participants can play as much as they like. Ideally, there are 10 teams, each with 12 players per team. Every player's at bats and fielding are rotated each inning by the managers. Each manager is flexible and works hard to accommodate all player's requests.

Q: What do I receive as part of the Mets Fantasy Camp package?
A: All participants receive roundtrip airfare from either JFK/LGA or Newark, lodging at the Hilton Garden Inn in Port St. Lucie, transportation to and from PBI Airport, as well as daily shuttles to the Mets Spring Training facilities. Also, each participant receives personalized home and road uniforms and other baseball accessories.

Q: Are there any discounts available?
A: We provide an alumni discount for returning participants from 2004-2015. Discounts are also available for those who wish to make their own flights and/or hotel arrangements.

Q: How far is Port St. Lucie from West Palm Beach (PBI Airport)?
A: Approximately 45-60 minutes. If using our transportation, it's a great opportunity to get to know some of your fellow participants.

Q: Do I need a rental car?
A: Mets Fantasy Camp provides transportation to and from the airport and hotel, as well as to and from the hotel and Spring Training facilities. Transportation is also provided for the two organized dinners. But for those who wish to make their own travel arrangements or have more flexibility, special rates on rental cars are available.

Q: What is there to do during the evening?
A: Mets Fantasy Camp hosts both an "Opening Night Welcome Party" and an "Awards Dinner". There is also a very entertaining "Kangaroo Court", where managers and coaches discuss the baseball "highlights" for that day and a "Bull Session" on two of the other nights. Participants are free to make their own dinner and evening plans after these activities.

Q: Can we take pictures and get autographs?
A: The Mets Fantasy Camp hires a photography staff that is present at every camp event. The photographers will post the images they shoot each day, and at the end of the camp you will be able to purchase the great shots they take. You will also receive a team photo free of charge at the end of the camp.

We have no rules against Pros signing autographs and they are willing to sign for you. All we ask is that the participants respect the Pros by not overwhelming them with requests.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Each participant must bring his/her own glove and cleats (no metal spikes). Mets Fantasy Camp provides you with uniform jerseys, pants, belt, socks, hat, jacket, and t-shirt. We will also provide bats, balls, and helmets. Other accessories (i.e. personal bats, batting gloves, sunglasses, etc.) are optional. * Please Note: Wooden bats only. Aluminum bats are prohibited.

Q: What is the appropriate dress for Fantasy Camp?
A: Participants will be dressed in their authentic Mets uniforms during the day. All other dress is casual: khakis, golf shirts, jeans, etc. Dress for the banquet and other ceremonies are casual as well; however, we ask that participants refrain from wearing shorts.

Citi Field Reunion

Mets Home Game Day:

  • Two (2) tickets to a Mets game at Citi Field (option to purchase additional companion tickets at a discounted price)
  • Every 2016 camper in attendance will walk onto the warning track prior to the game and have their name announced to the crowd
  • The 2016 championship team will receive their championship rings during an on-field ceremony prior to the first pitch of the game

Camper Game Day:

  • Batting Practice and a game on Citi Field the day after the Mets home game
  • Breakfast and lunch at Citi Field
  • Dress in the visitor's clubhouse
  • Family and Friends invited to watch the game from the seats


"When I walked into the clubhouse for the first time and I found my locker with my name above it and my uniforms hanging in the locker. I felt like a kid again!" - Michael DiNardo, 2015

When I was standing in left field at Tradition Field during the game with the pros, and hearing their names being announced as they stepped up to the plate and wondering, "What the heck am I doing out here playing against Lance Johnson?" - Brian Lalonde, 2015

"The smile on Felix Millan's face (my coach) when I hit the ball over the outfielders head. Growing up, I was rooting for him but now, he roots for me!" - Ron Nash 2008-2011; 2013-2015

"We played the Championship game under the lights at Tradition Field. Our team gathered in the dugout excited as our names were being called by the PA announcer. We all ran out to the 3rd base line high fiving one another. Then all of us were standing for the National Anthem. It was like we were playing in the first game of the World Series. Amazin' - Anthony Scelta 2009, 2012, 2015

"Not only did I look like a Met, I felt like a Met! My Fantasy Came True!" - Bud Seely 2015

"The "Baseball Gods" almost always seem to be watching over Port St. Lucie come January. Childhood dreams somehow manage to become reality, creating memories and friendships that will last a lifetime!" - Dean Pflaum 2008-2015

"The entire week I kept thinking I was just dreaming my experiences and that I was going to wake up realizing I hadn't even left for Camp. Luckily, it was all real and officially in the books. I'm so looking forward to the METS 2015 season, with a new found respect of what it takes to play the game and be member of the Team." - Julie Keegan 2015