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Javier Bracamonte #85

Photo of Javier Bracamonte hou
Full Name:
Javier Bracamonte
Uniform #:

Javier Bracamonte enters his 15th season as the Astros bullpen catcher. He joined the organization in 2001 after five years of giving private baseball lessons. Bracamonte has taken part in three MLB All-Star Games, throwing batting practice during the Home Run Derby competition.

A former shortstop and second baseman, Bracamonte played at the New York Yankees' Venezuelan Academy from 1988-90, which made him just the third Venezuelan to sign a professional contract after serving as a bat boy at an academy.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela on Nov. 11, 1969, he now resides in Houston, Texas, with his daughter, Jaelyn (8), and son, Gustavo (28)

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