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Front Office Directory

Arizona Diamondbacks
Chase Field
401 E. Jefferson St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Tel: 602-462-6500

Executive Office
Ken Kendrick
Managing General Partner
Mike Chipman
General Partner
Jeff Royer
General Partner
Derrick Hall
President & Chief Executive Officer
Tom Harris
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Tony La Russa
Chief Baseball Officer
Cullen Maxey
Executive Vice President, Business Operations
John Fisher
Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales and Marketing
Nona Lee
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Josh Rawitch
Senior Vice President, Communications
Marian Rhodes
Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources & Diversity Officer
Dave Stewart
Senior Vice President & General Manager
De Jon Watson
Senior Vice President, Baseball Operations
Luis Gonzalez
Special Assistant to the President & CEO
Roland Hemond
Special Assistant to the President & CEO
Randy Johnson
Special Assistant to the President & CEO
J.J. Putz
Special Assistant to the President & CEO
Craig Bradley
Vice President, Finance
Jeff Jacobs
Director, Financial Management
Chris James
Director, Accounting
Jeffrey Barnes
Accounting Supervisor
Christina King
Accounts Receivable & Payable Specialist II
Rebecca Colman
Senior Accountant/Corporate Partnerships
Tanner Popish
Ticket Accounting Specialist
Kellie Tarin
Staff Accountant & Administration
Leah Brandenburg
Staff Accountant
Brooke Mitchell
Executive Assistant to the President and CEO
Sandra Cox
Executive Assistant to the Managing General Partner and CFO
Katy Bernham
Executive Assistant, Business Operations
Nicole Adair
Executive Office Administrative Assistant
Judge Allen
1st Impression Specialist/ Staff Asssistant
Chuck Massari
1st Impression Specialist
Baseball Operations
Bryan Minniti
Assistant General Manager
Bob Gebhard
Vice President, Special Assistant to the GM
Junior Noboa
Vice President, Latin Operations
Michael Russell
Special Assistant to the SVP of Baseball Operations
Bill Bryk
Special Assistant to the GM and Major League Scout
Joe Carter
Special Assistant to the General Manager
Dave Duncan
Special Assistant to the GM/Pitching Consultant
Todd Greene
Special Assistant to the GM and Major League Scout
Craig Shipley
Special Assistant to the GM
Deric Ladnier
Director, Scouting
Brendan Domaracki
Assistant Director, Scouting
Cory Hahn
Assistant, Scout Ahead Development Program
Scott Centala
Mike Bell
Director, Player Development
TJ Lasita
Assistant, Player Development
Shawn Marette
Senior Coordinator of Minor League Administration
Sam Eaton
Manager, Baseball Operations
John Krazit
Data Analyst
Dr. Ed Lewis
Director of Baseball Analytics and Research
Kristyn Pierce
Executive Assistant, Baseball Operations
Ian Rebhan
Baseball Operations Intern
Adam Hayes
Baseball Operations Intern
Cody Callahan
Baseball Analytics Intern
Max Glick
Baseball Analytics Intern
Dodge Salisbury
Baseball Operations Intern
Ariel Prieto
Major League Coach/Interpreter
Mike Fetters
Major League Quality Control
Ken Crenshaw
Major League Head Athletic Trainer
Ryan DiPanfilo
Assistant, Major League Trainer
Nathan Shaw
Major League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
Neil Rampe
Major League Manual & Performance Therapist
Brad Arnsberg
Rehab Pitching Coordinator
Roger Riley
Senior Director, Team Travel
Chad Chiffin
Assistant, Home Clubhouse
Jimmy Garrett
Assistant, Home Clubhouse
Shawn Moore
Assistant, Home Clubhouse
Lupe Uribe
Assistant, Home Clubhouse
Bob Doty
Manager, Equipment & Visiting Clubhouse
Charlie Hrvatin
Assistant, Visiting Clubhouse
Shane Sanchez
Assistant, Visiting Clubhouse
Jim Currigan
Baseball Operations Video Coordinator
Allen Campbell
Major League Video Coordinator
Chris Carminucci
Independent League Coordinator
Christopher Schepel
Minor League Trainer
Edwin Nungesser
Minor League Trainer
Jack Nugent
Minor League Video Assistant
Joseph McAlpin
Minor League Video Assistant
Edward Gitlitz
Minor League Video Assistant
Matthew Ventricelli
Minor League Video Assistant
Cheng-Wei "Steve" Lin
Mike Piatnik
Major League Scout
Mike Brown
Pro Scout
Clay Daniel
Pro Scout
Bob Cummings
Pro Scout
Jeff Gardner
Pro Scout
Bill "Chief" Gayton
Pro Scout
Ben Johnson
Pro Scout
Bradley Kelley
Pro Scout
Pat Murtaugh
Pro Scout
Tom Romenesko
Pro Scout
Scipio Spinks
Pro Scout
Wade Taylor
Pro Scout
John Vander Wal
Pro Scout
Joshua Barfield
Junior Scout
Peter Wardell
Junior Scout
Jacob Williams
Scout Team Manager
Greg Lonigro
National Supervisor
Bump Merriweather
Professional Scout
Spencer Graham
West Coast Supervisor
Steve McAllister
Midwest Supervisor
Howard McCullough
Southeast Supervisor
Clark Crist
Southwest Supervisor
Frankie Thon, Jr.
East Coast Supervisor
Joe Robinson
Amateur Scout
Joe Mason
Amateur Scout
John Bartsch
Area Scout - Northern CA, Central/Northern NV
Nate Birtwell
Area Scout - OH, TN, KY, MI
Hal Kurtzman
Area Scout - Central CA (LA County-Long Beach)
T.R. Lewis
Area Scout - GA, Jacksonville
Rick Matsko
Area Scout - PA, NJ, WV, MD, DE, DC, VA
Jeff Mousser
Area Scout - Southern California, HI
Rusty Pendergrass
Area Scout - South TX, West LA
Tony Piazza
Area Scout - AR, KS, MO, OK, NE
Donnie Reynolds
Area Scout - WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, AK, Northwest Canada
JR Salinas
Area Scout - North TX, North LA
Mike Serbalik
Area Scout - NY, New England, Canada
Rick Short
Area Scout - IL, IN, WI, IA, MN, SD, ND
George Swain
Area Scout - NC, SC
Doyle Wilson
Area Scout - AZ, NM, CO, UT, Las Vegas
Luke Wrenn
Area Scout - North FL
Francisco Damas
Area Scout - South FL
Kerry Jenkins
Area Scout - AL, MS, East LA
Homer Newlin
PT Scout, West Florida
Jim Marshall
Senior Advisor, Pacific Rim Operations
Mack Hayashi
Director, Pacific Rim Operations
Luís Baez
Scouting Supervisor, Dominican Republic
Elvis Cruz
Scout, Dominican Republic
Rafael Mateo
Scout, Dominican Republic
José Ortiz
Scout, Dominican Republic
Gregorio Ramirez
Scout, Dominican Republic
Luís Gonzalez A.
Scout, Colombia
José Díaz Pérez
Scout, Panama
Julio Sanchez
Scout, Nicaragua
Alfonso Bustamante
Scout, Venezuela
Andres Garcia
Scout, Venezuela
Marlon Urdaneta
Scout, Venezuela
Scott Geyer
Vice President, Broadcasting
Rob Weinheimer
Senior Director, Game Operations and Multi-Media Productions
Dave Myslinski
Creative Director
Zach Alvarez
Graphic Designer II
Sara Bielski
Graphic Designer
Eric Hanson
Audio Engineering Specialist III
Patrick Reynolds
Engineering Specialist III
Bob Brenly
Broadcaster, TV Color Analyst
Steve Berthiaume
Broadcaster, TV Play-by-Play
Greg Schulte
Broadcaster, Radio Play-by-Play
Tom Candiotti
Broadcaster, Radio Color Analyst
Jeff Munn
Broadcaster, Radio Play-By-Play and Host
Rodrigo Lopez
Broadcaster, Spanish Radio Color Analyst
Richard Saenz
Broadcaster, Spanish Radio Analyst
Oscar Soria
Broadcaster, Spanish Radio Play-by-Play
Leo Gilmartin
Radio Engineer
Leslie Farrell
Broadcasting and Multi-Media Traffic Specialist I
Steve Silvertooth
Manager, Broadcast Engineering
Noah Berlin
Manager, Game Operations and Entertainment
Bobby Freeman
Musical Mascot/ Entertainment Assistant
Josh DeFamio
Supervisor, dbTV Graphics
Steve Miller
Video Editor/ Media Specialist III
Jeff Cederbaum
Video Production Manager
Stephen Rodack
Video Production Assistant
Hayden Renning
Graphic Design Intern
Zuriel Loving
Broadcasting Intern
Tyler Sears
Game Operations Intern
Andre Benavidez
Game Operations Intern
Morgan Harder
Game Operations Intern
Karra Labombarde
Game Operations Intern
Tyler Prime
Game Operations Intern
Kelsey De Gideo
Game Operations Intern
Casey Wilcox
Director, Player & Media Relations
Josh Greene
Director of Publications
Pat O'Connell
Senior Manager, Player and Media Relations
Katie Krause
Manager, Corporate Communications
Jim Myers
Coordinator, Communications
John Prewitt
Supervisor, Social Media
Kyle Payne
Coordinator, Social Media
Jennifer Stewart
Team Photographer
Kaitlin Meister
Publications Intern
Miriam Murad
Photography Intern
Brianna Doe
Photography Intern
Miranda Perez
Social Media Intern
Joe Cortez
Social Media Intern
Jacob Hernandez
Communications Intern
Josh Nacion
Communications Intern
Community Affairs
Debbie Castaldo
Vice President, Corporate & Community Impact
Tara Trzinski
Manager, Community Programs
Robert Itzkowitz
Senior Manager, Community Events
Julie Romero
Manager, Multicultural and Partner Programs
Paulette Purnell
Coordinator, Special Events and Community Outreach
Paige Malin
Coordinator, Fundraising and Donor Relations
Alaina Meeks
Community Affairs Intern
Zach Paulson
Community Affairs Intern
Regan Hahesy
Community Affairs Intern
Shantal Furey
Community Affairs Intern
Corporate Partnerships
Judd Norris
Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
Kerri White
Director, Corporate Partnership Services
Tiffanie Tallman
Senior Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships Services
Brett Wallerstedt
Senior Account Executive
Jeff Campbell
Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships
Alison Lund
Account Services Executive
Stephanie Scheidler
Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships Services
Jennifer Bernstein
Project & Research Specialist
Alex Davis
Corporate Partnerships Intern
Rachel Reap
Corporate Partnerships Intern
Quincy Brown
Corporate Partnerships Intern
Facilities & Event Services
Russ Amaral
Vice President, Facilities & Event Services
Sean Maguire
Senior Director, Security
Bryan White
Director, Event Services
Jim White
Director, Facilities Engineering
Jose Montoya
Director, Facility Services
Marshall (Spud) Cheever
Senior Manager, Facilities Engineering
Greg Green
Senior Manager, Security
Megan Duffy
Guest Services Manager
Sharon Holmes
Guest Services Manager
Kurt Kleinknecht
Guest Services Manager
Alan Sokolsky
Systems Manager, Facility Engineering
Tim Casey
Supervisor, Facility Engineering
Ramon Grijalva
Supervisor, Facility Services
Oscar McLaurin
Manager, Facilities Services
Chris Near
Roof Specialist
Jeff Gomez
Event Coordinator
Justin Nelson
Event Crew
Gail Finley
Administrative Assistant, Engineering & Building Services
Andres Guillen
Coordinator, Mail - Shipping and Receiving Services
Fritz Huble
Mail Technician
Robert Anderton
Reynaldo Cota Jr.
Kathleen Dovey
Harvey Epstein
Ryan Fairchild
Gary Hadley
Richard Hill
Anthony Hopper
Benjamin Kucaba
John Mahan
Larry Moyer
Chris Taylor
John Warnock
Monty Wallace
Anne Benton
Administrative Assistant
Sergio Cuevas
1st Impressions Specialist/Security WOW Lobby
Robert Shotts
Michael Fox
Kevin Griffin
Gene Leatherwood
Jesus Lugo
Doug Montonaro
Amy Saffin
Phillip Wirth
Kevin Yoder
Justin Olson
Grant Trenbeath
Head Groundskeeper
Karl Gant
Assistant Head Groundskeeper
Doug Pierski
Outside Landscape Manager, Groundskeeping
Brandon Isbell
Chris Arnold
Trinidad Grijalva
Housekeeping Supervisor
Bernardo Carrasco
Facilities Services Assistant - Housekeeping
Leonardo Mares
Samantha Granado
Barbara Trujillo
Facilities Services Housekeeping Attendant
Sam Catour
Event Services Intern
Human Resources
Jackie Dickerson
Benefits Manager - Human Resources
Diana Rodriguez
Human Resources Specialist
Whitney Gladden
Human Resources Assistant
Information Technology
Bob Zweig
Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Craig Pozen
Senior Director, Business Systems & Applications
Jay Gaskin
Director, IT Systems & Infrastructure
Manuel Sanchez
Senior Manager, Networking and Telecom
Aaron Schiefelbein
Business Systems Administrator
Lynsey Downing
IT Systems Administrator
Sammantha Herbaugh
IT Systems Administrator
Louis Fleming
IT Developer
Travis Rockey
Business Intelligence Developer
Jennifer Blatt
Administrative Assistant
Caleb Jay
Senior Director, Legal Affairs and Associate General Counsel
Candace Amundsen
Administrative Assistant
Maacah Scott
Law Clerk
Justin Samuels
Legal Intern
Karina Bohn
Vice President, Marketing
Rayme Lofgren
Director, Advertising
Jerry Romo
Manager, Hispanic and Emerging Markets
Meagan Hermosillo
Coordinator, Marketing
Jacara Ware
Coordinator, Advertising
Brittany Boeke
Marketing Intern
Special Projects
Graham Rossini
Vice President Special Projects and Fan Experience
Jeff Rodin
Director, Baseball Outreach & Development
Jeff Swanson
Manager, Baseball Outreach and Alumni Relations
David Dunne
General Manager, Salt River Fields
Michael Bouscher
Senior Manager, Salt River Fields Operations
Matt Helmeid
Director, Special Projects & Brand Development
Nancy Rosett
Coordinator, D-backs Authentics and Youth Jersey Program
Madeline Linwood
Arizona Diamondbacks Fellow
Mike Feder
Southern Arizona Coordinator
Marshall Jennings
Spring Training Head Groundskeeper
Jonathan Larson
Spring Training Lead Groundskeeper
Frankie Gonzalez
Spring Training Lead Groundskeeper
Ben Todd
Baseball Outreach Intern
Jessica Prescott
Communications/Special Projects Intern
Ticket Sales, Service & Operations
Kenny Farrell
Vice President, Business Analytics
Ryan Holmstedt
Senior Director, Ticket Sales
Cory Parsons
Director, Season Ticket Services
Josh Simon
Director, Ticket Operations
Mike Dellosa
Director, Season Ticket Sales and Inside Sales
Luis Calderon
Senior Manager, Ticket Operations
Tim Martin
Manager, Hospitality & Business Development
Diney Ransford
Manager, Premium Services
Jamie Roberts
Manager, Season Ticket Services
Travis Baker
Manager, Inside Sales
Josh Holley
Manager, Ticket Operations
Neil Orvis
Coordinator, Ticket Operations
Anthony Synegal
Manager, Group Sales
Daren Heaton
Manager, Education Initiatives
Neil Birdsall
Data Assistant, Ticket Operations
Steve Behling
Data Specialist
Amador Chavez
Data Assistant
Brandon Buser
Manager, Business Analytics
Alissa Teves
Ticket Sales Analyst
Theo Trotman
Consumer Database Analyst
Lindsey Ross
Ticket Sales and Services Administrator
Allanah Wynn
Ticket Sales Administrator
Jeremy Eisler
Senior Account Executive & Team Lead, Hospitality & Business Development
E.A. McDonough
Hospitality & Business Development
Johanna Imperial
Senior Account Executive, Group Sales
Geno Fata
Senior Account Executive, Group Sales
Garrett King
Account Executive, Group Sales
Kristen Leetz
Account Executive, Group Sales
Tom Demeter
Account Executive, Group Sales
Alexis Espinosa
Account Executive, Group Sales
Jonathan Elosegui
Account Executive, Group Sales
D.J. Drysdale
Account Executive, Group Sales
Matthew Bodmer
Account Executive, Group Sales
Alex Kim
Account Executive, Season Ticket Services
Steven Plante
Account Executive, Season Ticket Services
Noel Guevara
Account Executive, Season Ticket Services
Renee Gonzalez
Account Executive, Season Ticket Services
Steve Platz
New Season Ticket Holder Advisor
Andrew Fadell
New Season Ticket Holder Advisor
Carsten Bocchi
Senior Account Executive, Business Development
Brenton Dene
Account Executive, Business Development
Tim Smith
Account Executive, Business Development
Jay Bennett
Account Executive, Business Development
Quincy Lee
Account Executive, Business Development
Samantha Lange
Account Executive, Business Development
Christian Larimer
Account Executive, Business Development
Reginald Hinson
Account Executive, Hospitality and Business Development
Heath Hockett
Senior Sales Consultant
Stephen Logsdon
Senior Sales Consultant
Michael Wernick
Senior Sales Consultant
Page Barnett
Sales Consultant
Cameron Castro
Sales Consultant
Casey Dadio
Sales Consultant
Marc Ferguson
Sales Consultant
Renee Klaff
Sales Consultant
Tye Jacobs
Sales Consultant
Zach Scheele
Sales Consultant
Colin Stevens
Sales Consultant
Kyler Mickelson
Sales Consultant
Chloe Saganowich
Sales Consultant
Nicole Menzel
Sales Consultant
Nathan Hostetter
Sales Consultant
Rebecca Tikey
Sales Consultant
Parker Law
Sales Consultant